Fine slippers with a high pumps or hefty kab-kab (wooden) shoes gave a great biblical majesty on the gait

For this reason, an effective necklet from cloves, for its figure, their colour and you may especial­ ly their smelling, is actually considered to contain the energy off protec­ tion

dem. The women never ever sought out without getting covered with an immense silken or cashmere haik.6 Brand new Kessua Kbira try brand new bride’s matrimony outfit.7 They contained white embroidered linen adorned having ribbons; a great wimple; this new ktef (bodice) regarding silver-stitched velours; the newest ghembaz, a good corselet regarding velours with silver braid and the lowest neckline; new kmam­ tsmira, wide arm from embroidered silk voile, fastened in the its straight down closes middle-way-down the new palms, another prevent covering the shoulders and you will area of the straight back; using this are used brand new zaltila, a broad dress out of silver-braided velours; the fresh mdamma, a beneficial waistband of velours which have silver embroidery and you may pearls; and finally the fresh khmar, a mitred diadem encrusted having silver, gold, emeralds, pearls and you may rubies. The ladies tended to be plump or even fat having, about lifestyle of Orient, a plump woman try believed much more comely than simply a thinner one; out of adolescence onward the young ladies were often provided off to one particular intemperate models more than­ eating.

Preferred Tradition, Superstitions and you will Occult Means The newest Jews of your own Maghreb, dwelling in close proximity to their Moslem natives and revealing the brand new exact same adversity, lived and traded from inside the an intimacy you to let a complete interchange from folkways, society and you can ways.