Natsu and Delighted invite Lucy so you’re able to continue a keen S-Category Purpose using them

Later (whenever Sherry try beaten), Angelica involved to help you squish Lucy when Erza unprecedentedly shows up

This woman is horrified immediately after she discovers one, enticed from the significant reward of such mission, Happier and you may Natsu decided to steal this new mission’s flyer. Natsu tries to relieve the woman because of the claiming it was minimum of-paying one in the new readily available S-category operate. Lucy at some point concedes upon learning you to definitely a wonderful Secret of Zodiac is likewise given just like the prize.

Unable to get a hold of someone to ferry him or her around the, Natsu contemplates resorting to swimming, but is dropped by Grey, who was purchased to create him or her straight back. Exactly as they start to strive, among the many mariners who’d previously denied observes its Wonders and you may believes so you’re able to sail him or her across the, inquiring if they have come to elevator the curse. Natsu next quickly knocks Gray out and you can drags him onto the motorboat. In experience to your isle, the fresh sailor best her or him all of a sudden disappears ahead of a tidal trend shipwrecks them for the island’s coastline.

Just after a not known amount of time entry, Lucy is the earliest so you’re able to win back awareness, and you can asks in the event your anybody else was good too. After Grey concedes in order to praise them totally with the objective, each of them head to the latest isle, and finally meet with the denizens out of Galuna and you can learn of the latest curse inflicting him or her that had seem to turned them into demons.