Africa enjoys so seldom pulled the attention regarding historians and you can soci­ ologists can be so shocking

Most of the Jewish society inside Northern Africa designed a good microcosm where it had been you are able to not just to observe initially hands an old customs that had been loyal­ ly kept but furthermore the fast transition of a society based on the Arab Old to a single that is section of twentiethcentury France otherwise Israel. All of the steps of conversion are noticeable-on the illiterate peddler exactly who hawks their wares from the inaccessible hamlets of your own Atlas hills, towards industrialist blazing a trail in Europe; throughout the Cabalist, a complete stranger to all that’s this new in the present globe, on universi­ ty professor in Paris, opening up the fresh new industries from studying. For this reason, a brief history off mankind will get always be summed up on the chang­ es that have overtaken you to definitely neighborhood, that family unit members otherwise one man. Inspite of the dilemmas inherent on the thinking out of a good com­ prehensive reputation for the latest Jews away from North Africa, I happened to be eager to guess this step to create up the things i be becoming a shortage on books available on the topic. Inside my travels thanks to­ out of the length and you will breadth of my local North Africa, and soon after within the France, The united states and you may Israel, in which the Jews whose ancient land I experienced recognized keeps rebuilt its life and you will teams, I found myself able to collect records and you will basic-hands advice which done my earlier experience. Around these You will find con­ structed so it publication.

It received their Judaism from their effective residents, the latest Israelites off Syria

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