Batman and Robin constantly faced their usual enemies on several more occasions

The increase in the number of costumed criminals didn’t stop and soon Batman was confronted by goons like The Eraser, [60] Spellbinder [61] and the team even confronted Scarecrow, who had returned after years of inactivity. [62] Another criminal who made a comeback was Mister Zero, who started calling himself Mister Freeze. [63]

Soon after this, Batman was marked as Bruce Wayne into a mysterious murder chain and he left encoded clues for Robin to find. [64] As Batman went into some sort of trance, he was rescued by Robin, who figured out the clues and, once free, Batman captured the criminal responsible for the attack. [65]

The most recurrent villains that they confronted were Poison Ivy, [66] the Joker, [67] [68] [69] the Penguin, [70] the Riddler, [71] [72] [73] the Scarecrow [74] [75] and Catwoman. [76] [77]

After the wave of costumed criminals waned, the Dynamic Duo had to stop regular mobsters and criminal masterminds such as Salvo, Chino [78] and the Schemer. [79] Batman also captured the treasurer of the Wayne Foundation, who was planning to murder Bruce Wayne in order to seize the company’s assets. [80]