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E. Standardization of Terminology and Implementation of Standard Data Elements

Revisions are proposed to 2 CFR Statutory and national policy requirements, to align with Executive Orders (E.O.) 13798 “Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty” and E.O. 13864 “Improving Free Inquiry, Transparency, and Accountability at Colleges and Universities.” These Executive Orders advise agencies on the requirements of religious liberty laws, including those laws that apply to grants and provided a policy for free inquiry at institutions receiving Federal grants. The revision to 2 CFR underscores the importance of compliance with the First Amendment.

OMB proposes to standardize terms across 2 CFR part 200 to support efforts under the Grants CAP Goal to standardize the grants management business process and data.

Some examples of proposed revisions include terms associated with time periods (period of performance, budget period and renewal), financial obligation, and assistance listing. The current terms used to describe time periods are inconsistently used by Federal awarding agencies. OMB proposes revisions to the definition of “period of performance” in 2 CFR part 200 to reflect that the term is the anticipated time interval between the start and end date of an initial Federal award or subsequent renewal. For example, a recipient may receive a Federal award that reflects a five-year period of performance, but only received one year worth of funding as reflected in the first year budget period.

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